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The latest video from the Blockstars team to get us excited about the upcoming “deeply social, deeply immersive and deeply engaging music management simulation game.”

The Blockstars Unplugged Team

I am an IT professional working currently in the cruise industry. I have a Computer Science degree, and I am trained in software development, data base concepts, and data science/analytics, as well as project management.

I have broad programming skills in many legacy languages as well as newer platforms such as .Net, Python, JQuery, and various Analytical tools like Tableau and SQL Server Analytical Services, to name only a few.

As I have been working steadily for decades, I long ago moved away from heads-down development and into management. I have led many large-scale implementations of custom and cloud-based software, and continue to lead a team which supports the roadmap for my company’s Global Strategic Sourcing efforts.

In addition to my tech skills, I have a penchant for the creative side and stay involved in design as well as brainstorming and strategic innovation. This spills over into my personal life where I dabble in fiction writing, poetry, and many musical pursuits.





I currently work for an international NGO that focuses on humanitarian aid through local
organizations, refugee, migration and resettlement with an emphasis on peacebuilding. I manage the marketing, brand and e-commerce efforts of the $90M thrift revenue stream across the US and Canada.

My skillset includes a large background in marketing, computer science, and project management which is how I’ve found myself in this role. My education is a Communications degree with a Computer Science minor. I primarily code in Python, Java, PHP, and MySQL and now found myself working on more and more blockchain projects when the opportunity arises. But if I am honest there are times when I miss the days of hard C++/C# programming.

As for my creativity, I spent nearly a decade as a morning radio show host and program director. Now I use my audio production skillset for voice work, narration, and podcasting.