The Origin History

The sales history of all the Origin Blockstars

How to Interpret the Oracle's Insight

In a nutshell, the Oracle aggregates past sales data by individual, rarity group, and rarity plus instrument and through that data establishes a premium based on Instrument, Series, and Mask. It uses that data to manifest a current snapshot of what the market value average is for your Blockstar.

Low / Mid / High Prices

This is the estimated market value (in ◎ SOL) of the highlighted Blockstar. It is based on current market trends and shows what you might expect to sell for in short, medium, and long-term timeframes. The ranges are defined as: 

  • Low – This price represents the short-term and what you can reasonably expect to get if you want your Blockstar to sell quickly.
  • Mid – This price represents the medium-term.
  • High – This price represents the long-term.

Multiplier Premiums

The Oracle uses divine intervention and rituals (aka. PHP and Python) to determine their results. It’s not simply based on rarity but also factors in market buying decisions which assigns weights the following:

  • Instrument – This is a music based game after all. 
  • Origin – A series that represents the OGs and lends some bragging rights to the individuals who own them.
  • Masks – Golden Cat, Squid, Ape, and Shiba masks are coveted by some, hated by others, but like it or not, they do impact our buying decisions.

Last 10 Sales Charts

This chart shows the short-term trends for the highlight Blockstar based on direct sales of that Blockstar, sales in the same rarity category, and sales with the same trait (instrument) and rarity.

It answers the question: Is this instrument currently in an up-trend or down-trend according to the market? By comparing Rarity + Instrument Attribute line to the Rarity line you should be able to deduce your answer.

The Oracle's Disclaimers

  • The Oracle makes no promises or guarantees.  It is an unofficial third-party tool developed by community members of Blockstars. 
  • The Oracle uses a predictive algorithm based solely on past Magic Eden marketplace behavior and purchases and data. 
  • The information from the Oracle is meant for education and is not to be considered financial advice. As always, do your own research.
  • As a seller, you own your Blockstar. You decide what you feel it is worth. Hopefully The Oracle can help.
  • As a buyer, only you can decide waht your willing to pay for a specific Blockstar.